What kind of document type should I choose for a UN convention?

My question is about convention from UN. For example UNCLOS (1982) http://www.un.org/depts/los/convention_agreements/texts/unclos/unclos_e.pdf

What is important is for example when it was signed, when it was effective and the depositary (For UN it's always the Secretary General).

In general, I have a hard time to add international law references and legislation.
  • Yeah, there's nothing great. juris-m has a lot more options (including a treaty item type which would probably work well here). In vanilla Zotero, I'd probably go with report. CSL has treaty, so you can code the item type using
    `type: treaty`
    in the Extra field, but not many styles are actually going to use that, so not going to be a huge help.
  • Why juris-m is not merged in Zotero, at least some part? Not everybody is working all day with legal references, but almost everybody will need to references some laws at some point.
  • While that's generally still the hope, it's not currently happening because

    a)the issue with changing the Zotero database schema note in the pinned thread on new item types/fields (that's e.g. why there is no Treaty item type in Zotero)

    b) because it's a _ton_ of work. Part of the reason that Frank started juris-m was that legal referencing is so exceedlingly complicated that it really did benefit from significant experimentation, which was much more approriately done in a fork that in the stable software. I think it's pretty mature now, but it also thousands of lines of differences to Zotero.
  • I see. Juris-m is going to start a port to the V5... perhaps it's a good time to see if it can be merged.

    Thanks for the info.
  • Juris-M has a nearly working beta for V5. However, it still is thousands of lines of code different from vanilla Zotero, so merging still represents a huge effort.
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