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I am able to use our library catalogue with Zotero Standalone and any of the connectors, or Zotero for Firefox. However when accessing it on a mobile or tablet using the Zotero Bookmarklet with Safari on iPhone/iPad or Chrome for Android I receive the following error:

No items can be saved because this website is not supported by any Zotero Translator. If Zotero Standalone is not open, try opening it to increase the number of sites supported

The address for the catalogue is:
it's Sirsi Dynix Enterprise

I was wondering of the problem is with the catalogue and if there was anything that we could do to fix or liaise with Sirsi over?

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    Zotero does not work on Android devices yet (and I think on iOS does not work too), so the translator cannot works. You can do with dish nothing.
  • @LiborA: ibadger is referring to the bookmarklet, which works in any browser.

    Someone will have to look into whether it's possible to save from that site with the bookmarklet.
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    Currently the bookmarklet only works on pages with a dedicated translator. We don't have one for this version of the Sirisi library catalog.
    The reason it works from Zotero on Desktop is that that is also able to use generic metadata embedded in the page (COinS in this case).
    @adomasven do you know if there's a particular reason the bookmarklet doesn't try to look for generic metadata formats? That'd expand it's coverage a lot.
  • The bookmarklet hasn't seen any development attention since Simon stopped working on them, so I cannot comment at all. I don't think we'll spend more time on it for the time being, unless it breaks completely, because of the limited userbase and the difficulty of not breaking the thing accidentally on a random (old) browser when modifying.
  • Thanks for the info
  • Hmm -- any other plans for allowing/improving mobile saving? This would seem like something that's becoming more rather than less important going forward.
  • I agree, but it is not on the table for the time being. Zotero port to React will likely open up avenues for a mobile app for iOS and Android using React Native, but this is way beyond any estimable timelines.
  • @adomasven. "Zotero port to React".
    Is this at the good-idea stage or is work being done on this.

    Mobile saving would be a really good thing for my work flow.
  • At least the react port with happen, but as Adomas says, if and when that translates into a mobile app is impossible to say. Not this year, certainly.
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    Thanks. I'm never quite sure of forum best practice in a case such as this. Do I take the bandwidth to say thank-you for an answer to a question or is my silent gratitude better for all users (so that the final post to a thread is by a recognized authority)? The current situation differs from a help request where the questioner's response to a tech support post is essential to others who will want to know if the problem was resolved.
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