Cannot add any new entries ID:1137031327

I was retrieving previous Zotero files (sql and Storage) from TimeMachine backup. Ran into permission errors when trying to start up Zotero. Followed instructions to repair the database in Terminal. Was able to open Zotero again and library I wanted from back appeared. However, as I was trying to make a new entry (using magic wand look up failed several times) by adding a new book manually, I received an error: 1137031327. How can I get Zotero functioning again?
  • edited May 19, 2017
    Fix the permissions on the restored files and folders so that they're writable by your user account.
  • Thanks. I was able to figure out that if I added myself to the permissions for the key support files (sql and storage) it gave me the permissions needed since some places were stuck with 'Fetching...' as the user in Get Info. After I did that, I was immediately able to add new entries into my library.
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