Scrivener Plug-in

I love the cite as you write capabilities of Zotero in Word. It's become essential to my workflow; however, Word has become unwieldy as I've been working on my first book length project. I've been considering switching to Scrivener. My biggest drawback is the potential of losing the citation capabilities. Therefore, I have the following questions:

1. Is anyone developing a plug-in for Scrivener similar to what already exists in Word?
2. If not, is the process of integrating Zotero with Scrivener as complicated as it seems on the Internet? [I feel comfortable with technology, but I'm not a junkie (i.e. I don't make my own computers and I'm not an open-source guru). I run Windows 10, and I don't know how to code.]

I just want something that works in a fairly simple, straight-forward manner.
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