Group library with network storage

I am wondering if and how it is possible to share a library of references that are stored in a central network location.

Everyone has access to the same files with the same path, so I really can't see the use of file syncing to separate folders for everyone. Why pay for expanded file syncing storage when everyone already has access to the files using the same path? It doesn't seem possible to use linked attachments in a group collection; I'm not sure why.

If everyone sets their Data Directory Location to the same path, I'm not sure if attached files would show up/get synced if another user adds something to the library.

Thanks for any advice. This will likely be a make or break feature for adopting Zotero.
  • Can't currently been done (short of running a Zotero server locally, which is quite involved, though it will become easier in the short-medium run).

    The reason links aren't available in groups is that for most users they'd break (since links aren't going to be the same on every computer) and it'd provide an awful user experience, even though it'd be useful in some scenarios. That'd change if relative links were enabled for groups. Zotero devs have signalled they'd be willing to take a patch for that, but I don't think it's high on the list of priorities for in-house development.
  • Thank you for the reply. I did spend some time reading through some other threads, and I noticed two suggested options.
    1) Ignore groups and have everyone work using the same account. What happens if different people are making edits at the same time? Does conflict resolution still function properly?
    2) Pay for one unlimited file storage account with this user being the group owner and all files living in the group library.

    I suspect we will try option 2 and not use the network location until we can try to setup a local Zotero server.
  • conflict resolution works exactly the same with everyone using the same account. What you lose is
    a) the ability to easily remove people from the group (with a single account you'd have to change everyone's password)
    b) the ability for people to simultaneously use their own private Zotero library
    c) the ability to see who created any given entry in Zotero

    From my perspective (running several groups for my team), the $120/year that unlimited storage costs are such a negligible cost that it's totally worth the convenience.
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