In-text Citation: For a reprinted work published earlier

For many styles, if I have to cite a work that was reprinted from a version published earlier. I have to put both reprinted and published data in the citation. e.g. (Weber [1922] 2005) Of course, I can simply edit it in MS Word, but I just wonder if there is a way that can generate this type of citation automatically. (or If I can add the published year into the field?)
  • This is implemented in some styles (APA, Chicago, etc.). Which are you looking for?
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    @bwiernik the example I gave above is ASA, kind of like Chicago. but I'd also like to know how to do this in apa.

    shouldn't there's be a field for the published date since this happens a lot when you cite a selected-writings book?
  • The fields is going to be in Zotero 5.1, but until then you can enter the first date (i.e. 1922) using
    original-date: 1922
    in the Extra field. Not all citation styles will pick this up -- it needs to be specifically implemented in a style and I don't believe it is in ASA.
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