[Zotero 5 beta] Incompatible Utility Add-Ons

More and more, I've recently been asked by students and colleagues if a given add-on is compatible with Zotero 5. I understand that this issue isn't under the control of Zotero developers but only is controlled by the add-on developers. However, from my conversations, this seems to be the primary concern of folks who are considering the 4 to 5 upgrade. A listing of the compatibility status of key add-ons (such as those listed on the Zotero documentation pages) would be very helpful to people 'on the fence' as well as to people like me who are unqualified to answer but are nonetheless asked.

I've lately been sucessfully using Zutillo with 5 beta but that is my only add-on.
  • Zutilo is fully compatible
    Zotfile has a separate 5.0 version that mostly works afaik
    ODF Scan works as far as we know but hasn't been extensively tested

    Better BibTeX does not work and there is not ETA, though Emiliano is still generally committed.
    Prevent Duplicates does not and will not work.
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