Connector issues (Zotero SE on Win 10 x64)

edited May 14, 2017
For the following sites, I cannot save the issue to zotero. For 1 and 2, I had to modify the link from "" to "" b/c of my library proxy. If I use the original link without proxy in the URL, the issue saves fine. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • the 4.0 version of Zotero doesn't recognize proxies that hyphenate the hostname (i.e. link-springer-com instead of ). The 5.0 connectors do handle this fine.
  • For the 5.0 connectors, I would have to upgrade to zotero 5.0? BTW: Super excited for the zotero 5.0 release!
  • No, you can run Zotero Standalone 4 with the new Firefox connector (but there's currently only a Firefox connector; Chrome and Safari are soon to be released).
    Note that the 5.0 connector will replace Zotero for Firefox, so do not install it if you want to keep that as your main version.

    You can find the Firefo 5.0 connector here:
  • Thanks! I tried to add the Firefox connector 5.0 via "Tools > Add-ons > Install Add-on from file" to Zotero Standalone. However, I get the error message that the Add-on cannot be installed because it may be incompatible with Zotero Standalone. Also, the Add-on I downloaded from the link has the name "Zotero_Connector-4.999.21.xpi". Is this the correct connector?
  • You install the connector into Firefox, not Standalone. The link/filename is correct, yes.
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