Annual Review of Environment and Resources Translator Not Working

I just tried saving the following article on Annual Review of Environment and Resources but it didn't work:

Nothing is saved in Zotero when I click on the Zotero Connector icon in Firefox.

Could the developers please look into the issue? I've submitted debug reports as indicated below:

Zotero Standalone (5.0 Beta 197+eb42152): D1419273155
Zotero Connector for Firefox (4.999.21): D186752352

Thank you very much for your help!
  • Works for me in 4.0; @adomasven could you check the debugs?
  • @adamsmith

    You're right. It does actually work on my test profile (with very few add-ons) for Firefox. The issue might be related to add-ons...?
  • Yeah, would be helpful to test with all other add-ons disabled. We've had the most problems with noScript, afaik.
  • Works fine here too. Nothing suspicious in the debug log. It fails to extract meaningful item data with the BibTeX translator and and translates 0 items.

    @areteichi do report if you manage to figure out the offending extension.
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