[Zotero 5.0] bug concerning dragging PDF documents inside bibliography items

1. Perform a search such that the output includes a bibliography item and a separate PDF document.

2. Drag a PDF into a bibliography item.

3. You'll see the dragged document inside the bibliography item but also as a separate PDF document. If you delete the separate PDF, which shouldn't be there, the attachment is also deleted.

I haven't been able to reproduce this without a search, but it consistently happens in searches.

  • Can confirm this without searches – simply by dragging a pdf into the library, creating an new library item and dragging the pdf onto it. I can then see the latter inside the library item and at the same time an apparently external pdf with the same name. Deleting the external pdf deletes the one attached to the library item; renaming the inside one with the metadata of the item also renames the external one. [macOS, beta194]. The phenomenon does not persist beyond a shift of cursor focus.
  • If you're seeing this, can you provide a Debug ID? I'm not able to reproduce either of these.
  • Repeated procedure as described above. Debug ID is D1086561792. Hope that helps.
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