[5.0 Beta] Tag selector behaviour in "Show all tags in library"

edited May 10, 2017
Something in the tag selector's behaviour has changed recently. I have a Saved-Search collection called "Today" with search criteria set to show me only entries that I have added or worked on today. Until recently when tagging new items I'd go to this collection, find the most recent of my added items and add multiple tags from there by dragging the item to the relevant tags in the selector. Recently though, only the already selected tags for this item show up in the selector. Even when ticking the box for "Show all tags in library" the tags don't appear – which is contrary the behaviour I'd expect. The "Show all tags in library" working in the way described above means that tagging becomes impossible with the above workflow because I only ever see the already chosen tags for an item – rather than the ones I might wish to add to it.

Playing with the boxes in the tag-selector: when I tick and immediately untick "Show automatic tags", then tick "Show all tags..." all the tags in my library do indeed appear.
The behaviour is erratic though: choosing another collection and coming back to my "Today" folder with the "Show all… " box still ticked, again only the tags of this item are visible.

I appreciate the collections now only displaying the tags that the contained items are associated with; however, I assume the "Show all…" selector not showing all tags to be bug. [macOS 10.12.4 / 5.0beta194]
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