BibTex import: Zotero vs. RadBib

Every so often, lighting simulation researcher Ian Ashdown publishes his excellent RADBIB, <>, in BibTex format. I would like very much to include it in my Zotero database, and merge his updates when he publishes a new version. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for your attention.
  • Zotero can import BibTeX (gear icon->import & select the .bib file).
    merge his updates when he publishes a new version
    Zotero has not yet released features to handle duplicates (but they are in active development). For something like this, where you download it from a single source periodically, I'd save copies of the old file & get a 'diff' between the two versions in order to get the new records. Depending on how you use Zotero, you can keep the imports in collections by import date. You can either keep the old ones (having duplicate entries) or delete them (but this process will lead to references having changed identifiers; you don't want to do this if you are using the Word or OO.o plugin to cite these references).
  • I suppose I can do diffs for a while--thanks!
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