Merging adjacent citation fields

edited May 4, 2017
A quick search on the forum yielded nothing, so here's my question: How hard would it be to enable the merging of citation fields in Word?

Sometimes you start out a paragraph with separate citations and after rewriting you decide its better to group them all together. Right now this involves re-adding all of the citations individually in a single citation field, which is nontrivial especially for large libraries and/or in a document with loads of citations (searching takes time). (Unmerging is less hard, because it's easy to copy a citation field and delete those that don't belong.)

My dream is that one would simply place the fields next to each other and upon the next refresh, the Z plugin would sense there was no text in between (except maybe spaces) and propose to merge them into one citation field. Any chance sth like this could be implemented?

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