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Maybe I am only tired after a long day, but I can't find a list of available tags in the forum.
tag code can be used for insert code
<like this>
tag i can be used for italic form of letters
tag b can be used for bold form of letters
tag blockquote can be used quotation
This is quotation
tag a=URL can be used as hyperlink

What are other tags available?
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    You can use a large part of standard (often referred to as filtered) html, e.g.


    Font in different colors
    Different fonts

    even horizontal lines

    (use inspect element to see the html)

    But generally -- please don't: the tags you list are all that you need to express the parts of a conversation relevant for a tech support forum. I don't think we'd want to encourage people blinging up their posts to get attention.
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    You can tag people with @, e.g. @LiborA. Couldn't find any official documentation from the Vanilla Forums software on which tags are supported.
  • (in general, the most useful tags seems to be "blockquote", "code", and, for formatting references, "i" and "b")
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