Why is Mac opening extracted annotations in Preview?

Hello, new to Zotero/Juris M, was just wondering if anyone knew why/how to combat the problem of the extracted annotation links opening in Preview in Mac instead of the Adobe Acrobat reader?

To further expand on the issue, I have the PDF linked to the citation in my collection and I have extracted the annotations and when I click on the blue link besides the extracted quote it does not open in Adobe Acrobat (which is the default application for PDFs on my computer) but opens to the highlighted page in Preview. Anyone know why that is? Everything in my preferences is in order, PDFs are set to default open in Adobe Acrobat and can't seem to find any preference setting in Juris M that would be able to help with this.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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    can you reveal the extracted annotation file in finder? What is its file extension? The following should work regardless:

    select the file and then then click cmd + i.
    Select acrobat reader in "open with" and click "change all".
  • Hi, thanks for the reply!

    As mentioned in the original posting I already have Adobe Acrobat reader set as default for all my PDFs. I know I sound kind of unclear, its hard to explain but lets say I have a book titled: Bob Goes to the Store in my collection, within that book (RIS citation file) I have in it a PDF and the yellow sticky note indicator file for extracted annotations. The PDF attached to that book item when double clicked opens up in Adobe Acrobat (as it should) but when I go click on my yellow sticky note heading (my extracted annotations) and click on the hyperlinked part next to my quote [Ex. "Bob said he went to buy cat food..." (Lee2016:3)] The hyperlinked part is opening up to the highlighted page in the Preview application for some odd reason despite the fact that the linked PDF opens in Adobe Acrobat as it should be.

    Any idea why this might be happening?
  • (FWIW, the functionality to open PDFs from notes is ZotFile's, not native to Zotero so might also be worthwhile posting in the dedicated ZotFile support thread)
  • Thanks for the suggestion, I'll do that!
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