directional synchronization

I'd like to move references from a shared computer to my main (private) collection.
If I do the synchronization, all content will be merged, i.e. my private notes will show up on the shared computer, I don't want that.

What is the best approach to get one-way sync?
-Export and import isn't recommended for large files, and I think I will get duplicates the 2nd time I do this.
-I could "restore to zotero server" from the shared computer and then synchronize.
-create a new zotero account for the shared PC, then create a private group library, subscribe to the library from both PCs, drag and drop into that group library; on the 2nd PC, drag from the group library into my own library.

I understand that I can just copy over the files with any file sync utility, so file sync is not an issue.
  • There is no good way to do this with your current set up. You should set up separate libraries (i.e. groups) for things you want shared and things you don't (which you'd keep in the private "My Library").
  • thanks, adamsmith. I played a bit around, and I think that I can make it work, though it is a bit inconvenient, as I don't want to maintain separate libraries for shared and private items, but eventually merge all items into My Library.

    In case anyone else wonders, this would be the workflow:
    - create a new private group
    - create a new user for the shared PC
    - on the shared PC, drag all items into the shared group
    - on the private PC, drag items into "My Library"

    The downside is that it is not possible to just synchronize the shared group and keep the private library offline. My Library from the private PC has to be synchronized as well, even if it is not shared. This might be a privacy issue for some.
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