Zotero translator and CABI

Error Report ID 198313427

Zotero will not save citations from CABI.
Using Chrome and Zotero Standalone 4.029.17
Error message:
An error occurred while saving this item. Check Known Translator Issues for more information.

When hovering over the translator icon the CABI-CAB abstracts is the translator being used. I have worked through all the ideas on the troubleshoot translator page.
  • I don't have access to CABI-CAB. It seems like relatively few institutions have, so not sure if we'll be able to get that fixed.
  • Hi, I'm the product manager for the cabdirect platform and can give you access to cabdirect so this can be fixed. I will contact you via your syr.edu e-mail.
  • Thanks, that'd be great.
  • edited June 14, 2017
    With thanks to @cabdirect for providing me with temp access, this is now fixed and should work better than ever.
    I still have access for some time so would welcome some testing. The only known issue is that Zotero will always show the "article" icon for individual items -- but it will import the correct item type, so that really shouldn't matter much.

    Your version of Zotero will automatically update within 24hs, or you can update manually using the "Update Now" button in the "General" tab of the Zotero preferences. If you're using Standalone, restart Zotero and your browser after updating.
  • Hi,
    new questions concerning CAB (https://www.cabdirect.org/cabdirect):

    Our Zotero users are asking for a folder icon translator in CAB result lists: currently the translator shows the icon for a webpage and no export from a result list possible.

    Always showing the "article" icon for individual items would be o.k., but books are imported as articles. No correction on import, unfortunately.

    @adamsmith : Do you have time to check this once again?
    We would be extremely grateful!

  • If @cabdirect can provide me with temporary access again, I'd be able to look. Otherwise, obviously, not.
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