Sync conflicts in different libraries

I don't really know why, but I have around 300 sync conflicts. I suspect that most of them are related to a group I am member of. I'd like to accept the remote version when this is the case. But it's quite possible that some conflicts are coming from my library and I'd like to keep the local versions in theses cases.

@dstillman : As Zotero 5.0 allows selective sync, should I upgrade ? Otherwise I think it's a feature request: Zotero should distinguish conflicts related to My Library and to Groups (and adjust the checkbox at the bottom "Use the local/remote version for all remaining conflict in My Library/GroupName").
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    (FWIW, I've been getting mysterious sync conflicts repeatedly -- but with successful syncs in between -- in my 4.0 library, too. The conflicts are always the same items best I can tell, but given that I definitely sync successfully on all machines I use in between, it's not the repeated sync conflicts error).
  • And curiously the tooltip says (said) "Last sync: Not yet synced"… Anyway, I've solved all the sync conflicts manually.
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