Style Request: [DIN1505-2 - Alphanumeric German, duplicate keys -> alphabetical a,b,c]


could someone create or change the DIN1505-2 Alphanumeric German for me please?

I would like to have the following style for my bachelor thesis:

[Balz11] -> One author, first 4 letters and year
[AtSt15] -> Two authors, first 2 letters and year
[LBP+17a] -> more than 3 authors = First letter of 3 authors, then +
[LBP+17b] -> same, but if an entry has the same authors like another before, add alphabetics in order of a,b,c,d,... to it
[SAP17a] -> Only publisher, no authors -> 3 or 4 first letters of the company/publisher
[SAP17b] -> Only publisher, no authors -> 3 or 4 first letters of the company/publisher

It would be ausumn, if you can do it like that.

If its not possible like that, can someone create me a citationstyle, which is creating me citations of the created bibtex keys? So generally i name the entrys like the tag should be (so, [Balz11] is the key i m using).

Thanks in advance!

  • How have you the BibTeX key saved in Zotero? (in which item?)
  • I dont understand, what kind of information do you need?

    I have a Bibtex File and saved it like that one e.g.:

    title = {Warehouse Management mit SAP EWM},
    publisher = {Rheinwerk Verlag GmbH},
    year = {2017},
    author = {Lange, Jörg AND Bauer, Frank-Peter AND Persich, Christoph AND Dalm,
    Tim AND Sanchez, Gunther},
    address = {Bonn},
    edition = {3. Aufl.},
    __markedentry = {[Tim:1]},
    isbn = {978-3-8362-3969-1}

    title = {Unser Unternehmen},
    month = {März},
    year = {2017},
    day = {17},
    publisher = {SAP SE},
    url = {}

    For maintaining my Bibtex file I'm using the application Docear. So this application can simple importing various .csl files for using it to generate the biography register or citations.
  • Oh so, you are not a user of Zotero, sorry. It seems that Docear does not map Key to any variable in CSL -
    This post is very old, but if developers of Docear did not chage mapping to CSL then there is no possibility to create a template for you.
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