Firefox update now zotero does not open files

I click on the links and the files won't open. What should I do?
  • Can you provide a Report ID and more details on what exactly you're trying?
  • I'm trying to open files I have stored on my zotero account. It has stopped working since I updated Firefox.
    Here it is: 325011972
  • Right, but what are you doing to open them, and what's happening? Are you getting an error message?

    But I'm going to guess that it's this:
  • I am clicking on the link in the zotero box opened on firefox, like I always have done, and they do not open even though this is how they have always opened before. There is no error message, they just do not open.
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    I am clicking on the link in the zotero box opened on firefox
    I'm afraid you'd really need to be more specific for us to be able to help you. I have no idea what you mean here.

    See Provide Steps to Reproduce for an example of what we need.
  • 1: I updated firefox
    2: I clicked on the Zotero icon in the toolbar of firefox
    3: I clicked on the file I wanted
    4: it did not open
  • 5: there was no error message
  • Same problem here. Firefox updated itself this morning (to version 53.0) and since then I cannot open Zotero references in Firefox anymore. I can still open pdfs in an external viewer, but when I double click on a reference or the pdf within a reference nothing happens (where before the pdf would open up in Firefox). Right-click and 'view pdf' also does not work. Exactly like AliceAnnelin describes, there's no error message, just nothing happening.

    Any suggestions?
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