"Sep is undefined"

For some reason, I can't update citations in my document and it wouldn't do my bibliography.
I keep getting "Sep is undefined". What should I do?
  • Delete the bibliography in your document and then try to insert a new citation. If it still is broken, you've got a corrupted citation somewhere. Follow these steps in detail to find the broken citation, delete it, and re-insert it:
  • If you are running a recent version of Zotero, check that you do not have a stale copy of the Propachi processor plugin installed (if you do, just remove it).

    The code that could trigger a "sep is undefined" error was removed from the processor back in January, at processor version 1.1.147 (we're now at version 1.1.162), so with recent processor versions it should not be possible for that error to occur.
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