How do I move items from my library into a group folder?


This question is regarding moving documents from my personal folder into a group folder. I am using the Zotero chrome extension and all the documents I thought I was saving in a group folder were only copied to my personal library. Now I have numerous documents that I need to move, but can't find a way to do it. If this is not possible, how do I save the document to the group folder using the extension?

Thank you!
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    Use drag and drop for copy items from your personal library to group library. For direct download record to group library should be enough to be in group library and then save a item from web. Connector save records to the active collection in Zotero
  • It sounds like you are using the web interface. You need to download and install the Zotero Standalone desktop program:

    Zotero is primarily a locally-installed desktop program. The web interface has only a fraction of its features.
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