Maintaining a second Document Style within the Microsoft Footnote Style

edited April 20, 2017
*By 'Style', I refer to the feature from Microsoft Word's menu: Format > Style (my question has nothing to do with citation styles).

I use a document Style specifically for words/phrases in Greek within my mostly English documents. So say I insert a footnote via Zotero with a comment that includes a Greek phrase. For the footnote, Zotero uses the default Microsoft Style I've chosen for footnotes. Great. But I use a second Style only for the Greek phrase. However, anytime Zotero modifies that footnote, it drops the secondary Style and reformats the whole footnote to the default Microsoft Style for footnotes. Is there any work around to maintain two Microsoft Word document Styles within footnotes?

  • I'm afraid not, no. My understanding is that Word will just assign a style to the entire paragraph when you drop RTF into it, so not sure how much we can do here.
  • Depending on your requirements, you could try creating those footnotes manually in Word, and inserting the bare references, adding the Greek note separately as text in the footnote. On update, Zotero should only touch the references themselves, and leave the custom styling intact.

    The downside (apart from added keyboard work) would be that the references could not easily be converted to an in-text or numeric style, if that's an issue for your documents.
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