Cannot display PDF from Zotero in Firefox 53

edited 4 days ago

I've been experiencing troubles while attempting to display pdf in zotero. I've got the mozilla version.

When I click on a pdf file in Zotero, a new tab opens up in Mozilla (for example, at the address zotero://attachment/2995/). The page is blank.

Can anyone help me ? Thanks a lot !
  • how about when you right-click on the PDF --> Open in external viewer?
  • So is there a problem with the pdf viewer in firefox?
  • Thanks a lot for your quick answer!

    Yes it works out when I open the file in external viewer (ie acrobat reader dc). So it may be a problem with the firefox viewer. Any idea to fix it?
  • Because the Firefox version will be close in same time after Zotero v5 will be launched I recommend to use Standalone version. I also recommend installing the new 5.0 beta, is stable enough for everyday use.
  • It looks like displaying PDFs within Firefox broke in Firefox 53. We're working on a fix. In the meantime, you can right-click -> Open in External Viewer or switch to Zotero Standalone, which, as LiborA says, will be the only version once 5.0 comes out. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • OK, this is fixed in Zotero, available now for Firefox.
  • Ok, once again thank you very much!
  • Problem not solved in Zotero Still can only open odf in rxternal viewer but not in frefox 53, any clue?
  • Sorry, again: Problem not solved in Zotero Still can only open pdf in external viewer but not in frefox 53, any clue?
  • @cesarborie: Can you provide a Report ID? As far as we know this is fixed — it works for us, and there've been no other reports.
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