entering information in author fields

According to CMS §6.47 (and also the Society of Biblical Literature 2nd edition [full note]), no comma should appear between an author's surname and Jr., Sr., III, etc., but a comma should appear when the author's surname precedes the given name. For example, "John Q. Public Jr." and "Public, John Q., Jr." I can't figure out how to enter the author's name into Zotero to accommodate these specs; I can do one or the other.

Is there a way to have Zotero automatically handle Jr., etc., correctly?
  • The right way to enter this is as Public, John Q., Jr. -- but might be that it still doesn't get the display right. We'd have to take a look.
  • Thanks, Adam. I just double-checked the entry, and I had apparently not entered it like this. This solves the problem.
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