[Zotero5] BUG: some attachment format (epub) can't be open directly

edited April 17, 2017
In zotero, sometimes I add attachment that are in epub format. With PDF, if I double click on the attachment, the file is open in my pdf reader. With epub, nothings append.

I have to right click -> show the file in the finder. Then on the finder the epub open in my epub reader normally.
  • This is on Linux? Zotero passes file opening on to the operating system, but on Linux that's a bit of a mess -- there are half a dozen different places this can be set.
  • If you provide a Debug ID for the file opening we might be able to tell you a little more about what's happening.
  • On macOSX. Now it works.. don't know why. Anyway I made this debug id: D108489963.
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