What item type should I put a newsletter under? I see "Letter" and "Newspaper Article" but nothing like a newsletter, bulletin, or eNews type item. A lot of online blurbs are of this type.
  • Use "document"? I asked that it be added for precisely this kind of situation (though a generic "article" might be nice too).

    In general, I've been saying we (developers really) need to get away from obsessing too much about strict typing.
  • Hi Ransomca,

    I would probably use the Newspaper item, or a general document item type. Are there specific pieces of information about the item that you feel wouldn't be captured in these item types? Functionally, it would seem that a newsletter has the same types of information as a newspaper, a author, editor, publisher, date of publication, etc, but does not have the same author-recipient relationship implied in a letter. If you were managing a host of these blurbs you could always use tags to further identify them. Does that work for you?

  • The newspaper item probably comes closest. It's really not a big deal (sorry if I made it sound that way), it's just that an informal type item probably wouldn't have as much of a detailed source as a print newspaper. Maybe even "web page" would work. I'm probably obsessing about a minor detail. Since I'm going to be using mostly peer-reviewed articles for references, it's really just something for myself, as obviously those types of sources wouldn't cut it in a journal, but are just for my own information. Thanks for your input!
  • Hi, I just found this thread. In case this helps someone, I've decided to use the "Report" item type for newsletters, that way I can reference the newsletter number.
    I add "newsletter" in the "report type" field, and the name of the newsletter as the collection title.
    (note: i use the french version of zotero, so the field names and item type might be called something different, I translated as best i could)
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