[5.0 beta] Journal article - URL field is not mapped to CSL URL

It seems that field URL is not mapped to the CSL value URL for Journal Article. If I try to generate a bibliography for articles with URLs, I do not see URLs in the output. But if I add the same URLs into the extra field, then the output is correct.
  • you are remembering that URL isn't mapped for articles with page ranges?
  • No, I am not remembering it. Sorry.
  • (I assume you know this, but for others&future reference: that behavior can be toggled using the "Include URL" button in the Cite-->Styles tab of the preferences.
  • Hello, i do have the same problem even when the "Include URL" button is checked. The functionality suddenly disappeared.
    Can someone help me? Thanks
  • Could you specify this a bit more? Are you looking at the beta version or the regular one? What citation style?
  • Version is Citation style is "Fachhochschule Vorarlberg (author-date, German)".
  • The style prints URLs only for blogs and webpages ever (I think this may have changed with a recent update).
  • Thank you for the information! I tried to switch back to an older citation style in Zotero for firefox.. didn't work. But then i swiched it also in the word-plugin... workes! thank you for the hint! You saved my day!
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