Chronicle of higher ed translator

I might be doing it wrong, but the Safari extension doesn't recognize the chronicle site and instead uses embedded metadata. I've edited the translator so the target has www at the start, but no help.

The pages do have open graph data, but it's incomplete.
  • as always, could we get a couple of URLs for translator problem reports, please?
  • Any Chronicle article will do. Here's one of the translator examples:
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    Adding: when I run FireFox after I edit its translator, the site is correctly identified.

    I should add that I just realized that the standalone and Firefox use different folders to store their translators, so FireFox wasn't seeing the changes I was making to the standalone translator file, and then when I used Scaffold on FireFox, the extension wasn't seeing those change.

    Anyway, the fix was simple (adding www. to the start of the target, which I've also made a PR for on github). I think I just had to hit upon the right combination of quitting and restarting the various apps and extensions to get the Safari extension to recognize the target, too.

    I'd be curious to know what those are exactly. That is, what forces the extension to re-read translator? Just de-activating and then re-activating it? Or does the standalone itself have to be quit? I got it to work by turning off the extension and quitting the standalone. Then restarting the standalone and turning the extension back on.

    Clearly I should just stick with FireFox and Scaffold when doing this stuff. :-)
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