Wiley Interscience - no automatic PDF

  • Works for me w/o a proxy; did you double-check that you have access to the PDF?

    Might still be a proxy issue, I haven't looked at that page closely.
  • I have access via my university's proxy (ezproxy), so can download the pdf manually, then attach it to the zotero item. But it doesn't attach automatically for me.
  • the reason is a hardcoded pdf url in the translator code which ignores the proxy. just find line

    var pdfurl = ''http://download.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/fulltext?ID='' + id + ''&PLACEBO=IE.pdf&mode=pdf'';

    and replace it with

    var pdfurl = host + ''cgi-bin/fulltext?ID='' + id + ''&PLACEBO=IE.pdf&mode=pdf'';
  • edited April 12, 2009
    schwarzjr, thanks for the fix! I will add it to the repository.
  • Thanks schwarzjr.
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