multiple citations, same author, page numbers

I'm not sure if there's another thread on this, I couldn't find anything, but then I didn't really know what to search for.

I'm encountering this problem when I have multiple citations by one and the same author (e.g. Altman 1990, 2000): When I try to add a page number for the first of these citations it does not appear after 1990 but after 2000. I made sure, that I entered the page number for the 1990-entry and not accidentally for the other one. This problem doesn't occur, when I have different authors (Altman 1990:23, Shilling 2002).
I have just realized that the problem may be style related as it doesn't occur with Chicago or Harvard. It does occur with: APA, APSA, ASA and maybe others
I'm using OOo 3.0.1, Zotero 1.5b2, Firefox 3.0.8. Windows XP, and the OOo Plugin 2.0a2
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