[feature request] Please provide high resolution application icons

Zotero standalone 4.0.x provides icons with 16, 32 and 48 pixels, and (as far as I could make from peeking at the git repository) version 5.0 keeps these versions.

As a GNOME 3.x user, I would like high resolution icons to be installed as /usr/share/icons/hicolor/<resolution>/zotero.png, with resolution being 256 or, preferably, 512 pixels. Using SVG (with "scalable" for the resolution) should be fine, too.

As of GNOME 3.22, Zotero's icon is automatically anti-aliased, but the lack of a high resolution app icon still shows up. Would you please provide high resolution or scalable application icons for Zotero 5.x?

Thanks in advance!
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