(Small) issue with export and zotero 5.0 beta

I've today noticed that using zotero 5.0-beta.174+9637770 on linux it doesn't seem possible to export a collection that contains only sub-collections, i.e. with no individual bibliographic records of its own. Adding an empty dummy record fixed things pro temp. This used to be possible with zotero 4, IIRC.

Also, I noticed that the grey screen and progress bar disappeared before the export had completed with the result that zotero was unresponsive. Only when the export hit the target file destination from the temporary location, i.e. 0 bytes to final size, did zotero return.

  • I'm using Zotero 5.0.17 on Linux and the issue is still present. It is quite annoying, I have my library structured as a tree and sometimes want to get all the references in a subtree. The workaround is simple but pollutes the collection, and as ajb59 said it used to be possible in Zotero 4.
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