Can't insert citations in Word

I'm running Firefox 3.5b4pre nightly, Zotero 1.5b2, MS Word 2007 SP1, Zotero Word plugin 1.0b4.

I used Word integration a lot when I was running Firefox 3.0 and Zotero 1.0. I recently upgraded Zotero (successful) and installed the 1.0b4 Word plugin on top of the older version.

When I click "add citation," in Word, it connects to Firefox properly (displaying my Zotero library, and putting a {Citation} placeholder in the document) but when I select a paper and click OK, nothing happens. The window doesn't close, and no citation is inserted. The cancel button works to close the window.

  • I managed to fix the problem by first inserting a bibliography containing several sources, after which point I was able to insert citations. Not sure why this worked.
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