ASCE Translator -- large problem >1700 items imported instead of 1

edited April 1, 2017
I'm using 5beta. Tonight I attempted to import the following item into Zotero:

The import icon is the journal article type but when clicked it imports multiple copies of the item itself as well as everything in the reference list -- over 1700 (!) items.

Debug ID: D1314224351 (62000+ lines recorded)

I encountered the same problem with both Firefox and Chrome. Hovering over the icon it shows "Save to Zotero (ASCE). I did a reset of my translators but the problem continued.

Do we no longer have the option to select a translator other than the default. I no longer seem to be able to select from a list of translators. (ouch).

  • You can still pick translators, but you need to use right-click on the icon (Firefox limitation; in Chrome, once the extension is out, you'll be able to pick as you can now).

    I'm not sure about all details here, but ASCE definitely puts the entire reference list into the bibtex files, so that's what's getting imported. We can see how we can work around this.
  • The entire reference list would be an inconvenience but tolerable. This is a situation where:
    1) each item is downloaded many, many times; and 2) I do not get to pick from a list of items with tick-boxes but upon clicking a page icon I am deluged with hundreds of unwanted, duplicated stuff.

    Right clicking on the icon does not give me translator options in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Did I misunderstand your reply?
  • In the new Firefox Connector you currently need to right-click on the page background for other translator options. (Firefox doesn't support right-click on toolbar icons in extensions right now.) The updated Chrome Connector that'll be out soon will support right-clicking on the icon.
  • Thanks to both of you. I didn't understand until now how to get the right-click menu to give me the options when I use Firefox.
  • I have for now disabled the translator. The site is a bit of a mess in a whole number of ways, so I may need a couple of days for a fix, but I agree that the current behavior is completely unacceptable.
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