save to zotero and click-drag (large) PDF(s) into Zotero Firefox not responding or lag Windows 7


On one PC (16 GB RAM, Intel i7, circa 2014, Windows 7, HDD), whenever I import an item into Zotero from a journal website or Google Scholar there is a lag where Firefox freezes up. The lag is longer if the import involves a PDF download.

On the same PC, whenever I click and drag many PDF files or one large PDF file from a file explorer windows into Zotero there is also a lag, but frequently Firefox gives me a "not responding" message. Firefox and the source file explorer window are non-responsive to clicks thereafter (at least 15 minutes or longer). So I have to restart.

I have a newer PC, circa early 2017, with Windows 10 with same amount of RAM and an i7 processor and an SSD where I have not had these problems yet. Same Zotero library.
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