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When clicking on the Zotero folder icon in the address bar:

"Could not save item" error appears. URL is:


Thanks for any help!
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    OVID SP imports are down for more than a year now, HELP !!!
  • As far as we know, Ovid SP currently works, at least for the databases we have access to.

    Saving to Zotero from some of the Ovid databases was broken for a while, but the translator was recently updated. If you're still having trouble, post some example search strings here. Be sure you've followed the translator troubleshooting steps.
  • Reposting jhmorneau's example references from another thread.
    Accession Number 090353249
    Original Title Chambéry renforce son centre
    Translated Title Chambery reinforces its center
    Source Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment. 2009 (5508) 46-55 [9 p.]

    [from PASCAL database]

    Accession Number 5310614076
    Original Title L'aménagement communal périurbain : maintenir l'agriculture pour préserver quelle ruralité ?. Les territoires du développement régional
    Source Revue d'économie régionale et urbaine. 2006 (3) : pp. 355 - 372 [18 p.] Illustration

    [from FRANCIS database]

    Accession Number 10295538
    Author Le Pierres N. Cosnier M. Luo L. Fraisse G.
    Author/Editor Affiliation LOCIE Lab., Savoie Univ., Le Bourget, France.
    Title Coupling of thermoelectric modules with a photovoltaic panel for air pre-heating and pre-cooling application; an annual simulation
    Source International Journal of Energy Research, vol.32, no.14, Nov. 2008, pp. 38-50. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd., UK.
    Date of Publication Nov. 2008
    Country of Publication UK

    [from INSPEC database]
    As far as I can tell I don't have access to any of these database via Ovid, so I can't test them, but saving from databases I have access to works.
  • Here is another one that you might test :

    Melanoma-associated retinopathy: a paraneoplastic autoimmune complication.
    Lu Y, Jia L, He S, Hurley MC, Leys MJ, Jayasundera T, Heckenlively JR
    Unique Identifier 20008709
    Record Owner From MEDLINE, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
    Status MEDLINE
    Authors Lu Y. Jia L. He S. Hurley MC. Leys MJ. Jayasundera T. Heckenlively JR.
    Authors Full Name Lu, Ying. Jia, Lin. He, Shirley. Hurley, Mary C. Leys, Monique J. Jayasundera, Thiran. Heckenlively, John R.
    Institution Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Kellogg Eye Center, University of Michigan, 1000 Wall St, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, USA.
    Title Melanoma-associated retinopathy: a paraneoplastic autoimmune complication.
    Source Archives of Ophthalmology. 127(12):1572-80, 2009 Dec.

    The url for this one is :

    From what I have read in another recent thread (unfortunately closed), the "/sp-2.3/" part of the url might be the source of the filter not working properly.

    I wonder if any Zotero user with that type of OVID url was able to import data from OVID SP.

    Just my two bits (sorry to insist but this problem is the main obstacle to generalize the use of Zotero in my university!)

    Thanks for your help and all my best wishes for 2010 !


    From another
  • I read the translator troubleshooting steps and everything is ok.
    Still, Zotero does'nt import anything from OVID SP on my computer.
    I've been trying to do that for more than a year and it has never worked for me.

    No icon in the adress bar whatsoever, and Zotero does not "intercept" data when I save a file from OVID SP.

    So I posted a few messages, but (so far) to no avail.

    I would really like to help you sort this out.
    What can I do to help you find out what the problem is?

    PS : and I'm not the only one, cf. :
    http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/6460/problem-with-ovid-based-site/ [etc.]
  • 1) None of those other threads are recent.

    2) Ovid is a large, complicated site, and errors from one person (which may involve proxies, cookies, etc.) are not necessarily related in any way to errors from another person.
    From what I have read in another recent thread (unfortunately closed), the "/sp-2.3/" part of the url might be the source of the filter not working properly.
    An updated translator that supports Ovid's new URL scheme was recently pushed to clients.
    I wonder if any Zotero user with that type of OVID url was able to import data from OVID SP.
    Well, I can. But I don't have access to those databases, so I can't verify whether they (should) work.

    What version of Zotero are you using? You generally shouldn't need to, but have you performed a "Reset Translators and Styles" from the Advanced pane of the Zotero prefs? If you're using Zotero 2.0, please provide a Debug ID for the loading of an Ovid page on which you expect to see an icon.
  • Thanks for your time.

    I'm using :
    Zotero v. 2.0b7.6
    Firfox 3.5.6
    Windows XP pro with service pack 3

    I checked and I do have the updated translator for OVID, but it doesn't work.

    Following your post, I have performed a "Reset Translators and Styles" but it did not solve the problem.

    Regarding error reports :

    I got one :

    Error report :
    [JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: Cannot access database layer during active Zotero.wait()"]
    Id : 1854289748

    Then I followed your instructions and tried to retrieve results from OVID-SP with debug output.

    Here it is :

    Debug Id : D191567735

    Hope this helps squash my little precious bug :-)
  • The debug output confirms that the URL is passing the test correctly, but the detect code, which inspects the page itself, is still failing.

    A guess, though: Are you viewing the Ovid interface in French? Have you tried switching to English using the link at the top of the page? It looks like the detect code is searching for the words "Results Manager", which (as one would expect) only appears in the English version. The translator needs to be updated to look for the five other languages that Ovid offers.
  • YES !!!!!!

    I switched the Ovid interface to English and it made the trick !!!!!!
    Thank you so much for your help !

    PS : "Results Manager" =

    Gestionnaire des résultats (french)
    Ergebnismanager (german)
    Administrador de resultados (spanish)

    For japanese and chinese, well, that's another story :-)
  • "Results Manager" =

    檢索結果管理員 (chinese?)
    检索结果管理员 (japanese?)

  • I've pushed an updated Ovid translator that supports the other languages, so you should now be able to use the French interface. (Those two are Traditional and Simplified Chinese, I believe.) Your copy of Zotero should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Now in the General pane of the Zotero prefs.
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