Date field for Podcast Item types

  • edited June 19, 2022
    I have added "Issued: 2020-05-26" in the Extra field.
    When using Elsevier - Harvard (with titles), the work around still showed "n.d." in my citation.
    When using University of Brighton School of Environment and Technology - Harvard, the work around shows the date in my citation.

    Shame there isn't just a date field though.

    "adamsmith March 27, 2017
    not really, lot's of moving part. More than 3 months, less than 3 years?"
  • Can you try "issued" with a small i and not a capital "I"?
  • No, uppercase should work, and if it gets picked up by any style, the data entry isn't the issue.
    @Snowflake Have you tried in a new document with Elsevier Harvard?
  • Just checked, it does word with Elsevier Harvard in a new document.

    An unnecessary faff, all the same... to be halfway through a 10,000 word essay, to have to transfer all of my work, so far, into a new document, to be able to get one of the citations (the only podcast citation) to work.

    I have already set up all my document formatting in my essay, so I will stick with the Brighton Harvard this time.
  • That was just for testing. I'd think changing the doc back to Elsevier Harvard will work
  • Hey, are there any plans to add a publication date field for podcast types in the near future? My web app connects Zotero with its API but I can't retrieve podcasts by publication date as there is no such field.
  • In the future, yes; near future -- that depends on what you mean by that and exact timing is unclear. Good chance it'll happen this calendar year, but no promises.
  • +1 on needing date for Podcast type. Need this feature by 2023 03 21 if at all possible for a shared international project.
  • Pretty please? another +1
  • And another - it would be really helpful to have a publication date in Podcast type items.
    Any thoughts on a lad time for this?
  • podcast needs date field very much
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