Style Request: SCU Havard

This is for the University of Southern Cross, Australia.

Style guide:

(Hall & Soskice 2001)

Hall, PA & Soskice, DW 2001, Varieties of capitalism : the institutional foundations of comparative advantage, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

(Mares 2001)

Mares, I 2001, 'Firms and the Welfare State: When, Why, and How Does Social Policy Matter to Employers?', in P Hall & D Soskice (eds), Varieties of capitalism the institutional foundations of comparative advantage, pp. 184-213.

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    Thanks. I've logged your request, but this will take a while.
    In the meantime you can use the search-by-example engine to find a good fit:
  • Hi, just wondering if there has been any progress with my requests?
  • Nicolas, damnation asked you for the closest style in repository. This investigation spent time for coders.
  • @LiborA -- no we've got all we need with the sample citations above. I don't know how damnation prioritizes these styles, but I prioritize journal styles over university styles, so that I'd expect this to take longer (and there's a significant queue either way).
  • Hi LiborA, I thought you would be able to do this easily yourself, seeing that you build these styles. The closest one I could find (by manually going through some of them) is "Swinburne University of Technology - Havard". Thanks
  • Ok, all good thanks for the update!
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    @adamsmith and @LiborA
    As you can see in the spreadsheet here I prioritise style requests that have everything in place (column G) and then by how impactful/how many papers this journal publishes (columns C+D). As you see such University Style requests can't have a number in these two columns (C+D) so they get put to the end.
    Marked in green is all we've done so far, marked in yellow is the styles I am prioritising and the rest is requests where info is missing and I won't work on.
    I also don't do footnote styles. Too complex for me still to grasp.

    There is the possibility of paying me a few online beers to speed this up, if you need this sooner.
  • @"Nicolaas Bosua" You are right, we can do it ourselves, especially if your example will be fully correct. But you do not use italics letters in your example and your recommendation of closest style in the repository can help us. All developers are volunteers. Sometimes we are very busy and then we ask you for supplement information for making our work easier. Thanks.
  • Just to let you know the style guide link has changed, it is now
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    I had made your style and then luckily Rintze noticed that your uni just uses the style based on the Style manual produced by the Australian Goverment. That style is on the repository and I have now created an independent style for Souther Cross which will hit the repository by tomorrow. You can of course already use the parent style for which we actually added some fixes:
  • @damnation Thank you for this, really appreciate your assistance!
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    addendum: the dependent and the better-quality parent styles are now on the repo:
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