[Zotero 5.0 beta] Renaming of tag not syncing

When an existing tag is renamed, the new name does not seem to make its way into the sync on its own. Steps are:
  • Open Z5 client and sync library with tag(s)
  • Open web view of library and choose a tag
  • In the client, rename the tag, and sync the library
  • In the web view, refresh the page and click "Refresh" link to update tags list
Expected: tag should change to the new name in the client and in the web view
Actual: tag name changes in the client, but in the web view the name does not change

One particular inconvenience is that an "orphaned" tag in the web view cannot easily be deleted. If that happens, the solution is to:
  • Create a new tag with exactly the same name
  • Attach it to all items that it was originally attached to
  • Sync
  • Delete the tag under its original name
  • Sync again
I encountered this in Juris-M, then tested in Zotero 5.0 beta with the same result.
  • edited April 1, 2017
    Fixed for 175, which will be out tomorrow. As noted in the commit, the web view might currently display both tags, which we'll have to address separately.
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