[beta 5.0] click on the related document does not open this

In current beta (169+dd921f) I can't open a related document by click on this document in the tab Related. I remember that in some preview version it works.
  • This does generally work, but there's a bug where it sometimes breaks (along with a few other similar actions) that we haven't been able to track down. If you restart you'll probably find that it works.
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    I had tried it on two computers before I posted it. Now I try it directly after start Zotero and it does not work again. I have tried to create Debug ID, but clicking on Related document did not create any record in the log.
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    Let's start with a Report ID.
  • Now I have restarted Zotero to create Report ID and it works. I have tried it twice and it works.
  • Right. There's a reason we haven't been able to fix it yet...
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