selecting related items?

Is it possible to select ALL items which are related to a given one? (for further processing like tagging etc.)
  • No, in my experience the related tab is not widely used. It might make sense to add something like this to the advanced search options.
  • Well, the "related" feature is here, which I see as an invitation to use it :)

    A "related to" search option would be an option. However, how are you going to describe the item to which the search results must be related to? I guess, every item has an ID, but it is not shown to the user.

    Another solution would be to add a button to the "related" tab to show all related items in a separate window (like search results window). From there, the user could do whatever he wants with the items, tag them etc.

    Trevor, could you probably move the thread to the "Feature Requests" category?
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