In text citation pop up for the word 2016 Zotero plugin

Some online open access journal have a very nice functionality and that is when you click on an in text citation a pop up text box appears with all the information such reference has in the bibliography including a clickable link to the external webpage. This is very convenient because you don't have to remember the reference and scroll down to the bibliography and search for the reference manually which takes a lot of time. Such a solution is even better than bookmarks in word 2016 where you click on a bookmarked word it takes you to the reference in the bibliography because you always have to manually scroll back up again after you have read the reference in the bibliography and try to find the text with the in text citation here you left off reading. I know word 2016 has something called tooltips (which apparently also is a small pop up text menu) but they unfortunately don't work on my Microsoft surface pro 4 tablet. Hence, it would be better if the word 2016 Zotero plug in had this functionality. Also may I suggest that you develop a word 2016 plug in for the Microsoft edge web browser because Firefox uses to much memory (RAM). My word 2016 document sometimes becomes unresponsive for a short amount of time when I run both Firefox with the Zotero plugin and word 2016 with the Zotero plugin. My tablet only has 4 GB of RAM and 50% of it is all ready gone before I even launch a program hence conserving RAM becomes very important for me. Other than this I am very impressed with Zotero and you deserve a lot of respect for making such a great software available to everyone for free. The same thing can't be said for greedy Thomson Reuters with their crappy endnote.
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    Instead of using Zotero for Firefox you can use Zotero Standalone if you use Edge as your primary browser. Although if you only run Firefox without any open pages it shouldn't add a big RAM overhead.
    EDIT: Oh, although we currently do not really support Edge for saving webpages, so the above solution won't work. We are aware Edge is well optimised for Windows, but at the moment it is quite difficult to develop for and we are waiting for either better extension support from Microsoft or community help to add support.

    Regarding improved citation navigation in Word, we are quite limited with the plugin, but it would be nice to improve on that end. There are no immediate plans for this right now, but it might change in the future.
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