Is there a way to select (in Zotero) or export all references from a Word document you've written?

I have a word doc with some Zotero references in it; they are in my Zotero collection. I would like to somehow get the information in my Zotero to a colleague who needs **just these specific references** to be imported into her Zotero library. Is there a way to do this easily?

My bad idea:

Currently the only plan I have is to manually search for each document (a lot!), copy them to a new collection, then export the whole collection and send the RDF (or another format) to her. This seems to be a profound lack of functionality in Zotero.

So, my questions:

[1] If I "include" the references in a document, is there a way for her to import these from the doc to her collection? That is, can I send her the doc and have it import from there to her own Zotero collections? That would be the best solution.

[2] Is there a way to take a document's references and pick them out without doing it one by one? That is, can I tell Zotero "please select, highlight, or otherwise mark all the refs in this document for further action"?

I cannot believe that there is no way to go from the references in a doc to a file someone else can import with the corresponding info. Am I missing something??

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