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  • Hi, since I have updated the latest version of Zotero, 1) can find the icon on my toolbar in Firefox and 2) can't use the Zotero in my word document despite the fact I have closed and restart my Word after installing Zotero.

    I am also writing my memoir and I am really upset by the fact that I can't use Zotero no more.

    could you please more specific because it isn't by resetting the style that it works. In fact, it doesn't change anything.

    Here is the message popping-up when I try to insert a Zotero reference.

    Zotero a rencontré une erreur lors de la mise à jour de votre document. (intermediate value) [command] is not a function.

    Zotero has encountered an error while the up-date of your document. (This English translation is from me)

    Please help. I use to love Zotero.
  • (you posted in someone else's thread. For them, resetting styles is almost certainly the solution. Not sure why you thought it applies to you)
  • Hi again,

    Ok, found the Add-Ins in which all the component are present. The toolbar Zotero doesn't work anymore. This is why I was having issues.

    Sorry about that. :-S
  • @dstillman -- please split the thread when you get a chance.

    @Halmos -- does this happen in a new document, too, or only your existing one?
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