Navigation options for library items


Are there any navigation options other than a folder tree for library items? Has anyone explored customization or integration with visualization tools?

Thank you!
  • Tags allow for very flexible classification of items. There is a plugin called PaperMachines ( that adds a variety of visualization tools (but it may stop working when Zotero 5.0 is released).
  • Thank you bwiernik. If papermachines is just for tags, are there any visualization options for library items?
  • Papermachines is for a wide variety of parts of the Zotero library. My references to tags and to papermachines were intended as separate recommendations.
  • You could also try the Timeline function built into Zotero
  • Sure, but that's nothing like papermachines, which included an extremely useful (IMO) topic modelling analysis and visualization tool. Having said that - I haven't been able to make it work for a few years now. And the person who developed it is no longer supporting it. We are also playing with the 'Interactive Text Mining Suite' (ITMS) from Olga Scrivner and her team, but the program is not yet fully functional. If anybody on this forum is interested in this, please do let us know.
  • right, of course the two aren't comparable -- but the original question was about _navigation_ tools, not analysis tools, and for that, I think Timeline is quite nice (and PaperMachine actually didn't allow much in terms of navigation, IIRC)
  • :) I did use papermachine for navigation purposes. Once the LDA was run and topics had been generated, we could just navigate to the Zotero items that contained these topics. So we 'saw' which topics in a library or group had become more or less important over time; and we could then drill down to the actual items.
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