Style: Journal (series)

I'm working on a scientific project with the University of Bergen (Edvard Grieg research center). Currently I'm manually adding bibliography from an old catalogue, which has referred to a complete journal. "Amoroso. Bergen, 1994-1997". Is there a hot fix to add this style into Zotero? Because it's not referred to a specific journal article, but the journal as a whole.

  • What is the exact citation you want in text and in the bibliography?
  • I would like to add an entry for the whole journal (all if its publications during a period) as one single citation. For example "Amoroso 1994-1997" Journal published in Bergen. ISSN: xxxxxxxx
    It looks unfinished and wrong to add all of the publications under "Article in a journal".
  • No. There has been some talk of adding this, but it's not going to be super soon.
    It the meantime, just entering this as a book might be the most appropriate way (since it's an autonomous publication). If the ISSN is important, you can add it to the extra field as
    ISSN: 1234-5678
    citation styles that do use ISSN (of which there aren't many) will pick it up that way.
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