See all notes in one document

Is there a way to see all notes at once, like a report with only title, author and notes? as a list or in spreadsheet.
Thanks for your help
  • There used to be a way to customize reports via an add-on, which, if I understand you correctly, would give you what you want, right? The problem with reports as they are is that they contain too many additional fields?

    Otherwise, not really -- you can get this from CSV export, I suppose, but I don't think that's effective enough display-wise to be useful.
  • 1) Yes too many fields in the report. And no possibility to edit it. I need to have an overview of my notes. Do you have the link to the add-on to customize reports?

    2) CSV files show Notes in html. Would you know how to create an additional export option that is a CSV file with notes in plain text?

    I really really need it to be able to continue working with zotero... Thank you for your help.
  • 1) and
    but not sure either still works.

    2) only option would be to customize the export script for CSV (which is in javascript)
  • I'd like to customize the export script for CSV. Could you help me to do that?
  • do you know any javascript and just need pointers on where to look, or do you need line-by-line code?
  • I am just discovering it right now here
    So I guess I'll need line-by-line code...
  • OK, I'll try, but might take some time.
  • Thank you so much
  • @adamsmith are you still on it?
    meanwhile, you may also share just the pointers on where to look, and I can see if I can find someone to help me figuring it out.
  • by some time I meant weeks, not days. The relevant code bit is this:
    the file is in the translators folder in your Zotero data directory
    changes there take effect immediately.
  • Thank you!

    I found the file CSV.js on my drive, could open it in my browser Chrome. I then opened the Developers tools, clicked on the tab Sources and found line 191 that you pointed out above. It looks exactly as the link you sent.

    Do you already know what I should change there or is it exactly that that may take some time to figure out?

    Sorry for my ignorance... trying my best to learn... I am already very thankful for your support.
  • yeah, that's the part I need to actually look at &test.
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