MS Word does not show Add-on/ins for Zotero


Please help me. I am running Word 15.32 version (on Mac 2016 Word). I've went through all the steps suggested by Zotero but the Addon-in for Word doesn't come up. It is not there. I've gone through re-installing word etc but it does not come up still.

This is an screen shot:

  • Go into Zotero Preferences -> Cite -> Word Processors and click (Re)Install. Restart Word.

    If the extension does not come up try manual installation.

    If that does not help either, try downloading the update template and place it in your startup location as outlined in manual installation instruction steps 4-6. Remove from the folder. Restart Word.
  • I've done that but, I restarted Word and it did not show once again. BUT I went to that start up folder and opened the file and this time the add-on toolbar appeared in Word. If I open a new Word doc it would not appear in the new one. Therefore, If I want to use zotero I would have to double click always on hahaha. Thanks for your help at least I can open it manually.
  • You should never need to open directly. Usually that means that's not your active Startup directory — make sure you've followed the steps at to confirm that that's actually the active directory.
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    Ah, I checked on the Microsoft word for the root to the start up folder and they suggested this path for Mac.

    /Your HD Name/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office365/User Content/Startup/Word

    So I copied the and pasted in there and Walahhhhh it worked. Thanks a lot for helping me with that info for without them I wouldn't have known what to look for in the beginning.
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