Sync error during/after Zotero 5.0 beta installation on afresh computer

I got this error (819561212) after a (soemwhat lengthy) sunc from an installation of Zotero 5.0beta on a fresh computer (64-bit Ubuntu, in a beta of Zeisty adapted to Atom notebooks : see : ; the complaint is "uri is undefined".

So far, a cursory inspection of a not-inconsiderable sync (3920 references in the personal library, 8183 + 2367 in two group libraries) did not show obvious problems, but the error message is iterative.

FYI : the library size quoted above are identical to what I get from another computer using Zotero for Forefox (Debian 64-bit + Firefox 45-7-0).
  • The error isn't properly displaying — we'll fix that — but the underlying problem is a file sync error (which is why all your items have transferred) indicating that the server couldn't be reached. You should re-verify the WebDAV URL in the sync prefs.
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